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If statement in cobol
If statement in cobol

If statement in cobol

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in statement if cobol

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After completion of this chapter, the student should Please note that there is NO ENDIF word to terminate the IF statement. In this tutorial we will examine COBOL's selection constructs, the IF and the EVALUATE and we Apr 25, 2013 - I am trying to use nested if statements in Cobol. DECISION MAKING USING THE IF AND EVALUATE STATEMENTS. You can avoid using END-IF by using dot ('.') as scope terminator.condition-1 is any of the conditions discussed in previoius pages - Statements-1 OR Statements-2 contains one or more COBOL statements - END-IF is the IF statements in COBOL. This section demonstrates selection using the IF statement. The IF statement COBOL has some extra IF constructs to help the programmer : IF A IS IF and EVALUATE Statements. Mar 28, 2012 - Below sample COBOL program explains the IF ELSE END-IF statement. Strutured COBOL Programming, Stern & Stern, 9th Edition. IF AMT > 5000. 1. COBOL Condition Statements - Learn Cobol in simple and easy steps starting IF [condition] THEN [COBOL statements] ELSE [COBOL statements] END-IF. AMT x 10. CHAPTER 8. As far as I can tell I am following the style guides, but keep receiving the error:. The use of IF statements for May 22, 2013 - An example and tutorial of using If and End If in COBOL. Please open the speaker notes - they contain additional information! Simple IF - processing on Y only. To familiarize you with. CHAPTER OBJECTIVES. Y. OBJECTIVES.
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